4 Graphic Novels that will assist you in Learning French Efficiently

Among the major steps one can take in their foreign language learning is reading in French. However, truly, for a moment you had rather make simply half a step – and that is alright!

Rather than gazing at a piece of content and feeling scared, one can start their journey to proficiency with the connecting world of comic books as well as graphic novels. Besides, France has a affluent world of graphic that you can appreciate past your French Classes in Indore.


Regardless of whether you need to enable your child learn French or learn it yourself, these books have something for everybody. Have a look at four publications of various skill levels that all have a special story to put in the picture.

  1. Histoire de Babar: le petit éléphant, Jean de Brunhoff

The Story of Babar: The Little Elephant

After his mother is murdered by seekers, young Babar gets away from the jungle and lands in a city where he is become friends with by an old lady. She appoints him a guide and dresses him with a successor of sophistication. What you end up with is a beguiling and superior young elephant that brings civilization to the place that is known for elephants.

This children’s book with full-page graphics is ideal for beginners in addition to any individual who needs a casual, immersive involvement with French.

  1. Les Aventures de Tintin: On a marché sur la Lune, Hergé

The Adventures of Tintin: Explorers on the Moon, Hergé

Tintin is a brave youthful journalist and most important character of this exceptionally well known series. Adored for its wit humor, practical world, and very much explored plotlines, this series is ideal for anybody simply starting to build up their French vocabulary skills. It’s a basic and fun sci-fi excursion to warm up your mind to the French language.

  1. L’Arabe du Futur, Riad Sattouf

The Arab of the Future

Destined to a Syrian father as well as white French mother in the 1980s,  Riad grows up between two societies. Attracted to art and having a delicate nature, the male-centered, destructive worlds of Libya as well as Syria challenges Riad as a youthful youngster.

This graphic novel is composed from his point of view however mentions numerous studies on the governmental issues of France and North Africa, as Riad explores the way of life of his dad and of Islam. This book is a big choice for individuals at a secondary school or college reading level.

  1. Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi

Ranked by Newsweek as the fifth-best anecdotal book of the decade, Persepolis travels around the adolescence and adulthood of its writer amid and after the Islamic Revolution in Iran. The hero, Marji, battles for what she accepts as true and discovers her cultural identity all through this magnificent series.

Anybody searching for a more advanced read and still needs a connecting with, flawlessly showed encounter require look no more than Persepolis. As an additional bonus, once you complete you can watch the animated version as well as practice your French listening skills and oral perception.


Welcome to the universe of French graphic novels, or as you would state for this situation: bandes dessinées. Presently take these skills that you gain from the books and endeavor to have a French discussion with somebody. As usual, after your class at French Institute in Indore, do practice with constancy and learn repeatedly!

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