5 Traditional SEO Activities That Should be Avoided to Use

Living in the past with the techniques that were once attempted and can truly be luring, however it can likewise make peril your online business strategies. This article will give some important data about the old SEO practices that must be put aside for the cutting edge and more compelling approaches.

Below given is the list of the common old SEO practices that are drawing in for various SEO practitioners. Some of them worked in the past yet not any longer so better change them now for your brand, company and the site.

  1. The use of keywords before each click. For zenith SEO Agency in Singapore, keyword research is an extremely imperative tool that improves a site’s online visibility.

It has been significant element of SEO with the intention of gaining clicks. But now, as online users look for a page and see such keywords, they now relate it as spammy and will no longer continue to check that site.

  1. Creating pages for each keyword variant. This is totally dedicated to keyword targeting, which utilizes keywords  applicable to a product or service in a website to accomplish a top listing in the search engines

This SEO technique is used by many people as it has been very powerful for years. Professional that as opposed to making a different page for each, you can make a single page that targets all of them. You can attempt to fit the keywords cleverly into the meta description, the content, the title or anywhere else.

  1. The extreme utilization of anchor text on internal links. The usage of anchor text on internal links could have good influence on rankings, but this even penalized by the main search engine provider since it is accepted to be overcompensated, manipulative, and wrong or spam.

Today, if the internal link is placed in the navigation of a page, it has high usability, and is relevant, then you are safe. But if it’s the other way around, it has low usability, or if you’re making the font small to hide it since it is actually made for search engines and not for users and searchers, then you will doubtlessly get penalised or the likes.

  1. The utilization of many microsites, or separate domains, or different domains with the similar topic target or audience. The benefit of this technique is that it’s quicker and better to obtain domain authority for each site. However, In any case, since you part up your endeavours, the rank won’t be that high and your sites won’t profit each other, may it be as far as content or links.

It is highly suggested that you consolidate all your effort in one place or area since it will have higher plausibility of acquiring you the most rankings for all of the content you created.


  1. The utilization of paid links, directories, etc.

Each of the link acquisition or link building techniques that will be specified under this SEO practice has either been punished as part of an update or specifically punished by the web crawler itself. It’s better if you avoid these perilous things: article spinners, reciprocal link pages, comment links and more. These are all social link purchases that is the reason you ought to be exceptionally suspicious.


With all the details provided in this article, consider exchanging your old SEO methodologies that don’t generally work to some new techniques that will put your SEO results to a more noteworthy yield. Moreover, always monitor the SEO updates or upgrades so that you can simply transform the strategies you are applying to your site.

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