A Small Guide – About Variety of Bathroom Taps

Bathroom Tap in Singapore may appear like a lowland standard element for a bathroom. In market, you will find different sorts of bath taps as well as basin taps such as wall-mounted, monobloc, freestanding, mixer, and so on. Here is a short guide for you to know about advantages and disadvantages of the distinctive sorts of bathroom taps so you can settle on a knowledgeable decision for your home.

Types of Bathroom Taps

Pair of Taps

This style of tap is exceptionally conventional and made for both baths and basins. Likewise called pillar taps, a couple of taps like these draw from both the hot and cold water pipes, sending each stream to an alternate faucet: one for hot water and one for cold water. The bad about pillar taps is that the danger of scalding can be higher as you can’t control the temperature of the water that leaves the hot tap; additionally these sorts of bathroom taps are currently observed as obsolete and out-dated.

Mixer Taps

Rather than having two separate taps for hot and frosty water like pillar taps, mixer taps draw from both the hot and cool pipes and the water streams from one central faucet. These taps come in various shapes and styles, some customarily styled and some more present day. These are by a long shot the most famous kind of taps in the market.


Monobloc taps are an expansion of mixer taps; however as opposed to having 2 handles (one for hot and one for cool water) they work utilizing one central lever. The temperature is controlled by turning the lever left or right. Once more, monobloc taps lessen the danger of scalding in youthful youngsters by drawing on both the hot and cold water pipes to decrease boiling hot water running from the faucet.


Freestanding taps are the most outwardly staggering and attractive taps available. They are plumbed into the floor and ascend in an emotional manner, making them immaculate to finish the look of a roll top bath or counter-top basin. A great many people choose a freestanding tap when they purchase a freestanding that can’t be penetrated for tap-holes, as it abandons them with very few different choices. Albeit costly contrasted with more little taps, the advantages of freestanding taps are that they are that they make a noteworthy centrepiece for your lavatory and abandon you with an extensive double ended bathtub.


Wall Mounted

This type of tap is mounted to a wall and hangs over the side of your bathtub or basin. An unpleasing part of wall mounted taps is that they can be tough to plumb in, considering that all piping has to be hide behind the wall. The advantage is that they are ideal for smaller bathrooms as they don’t take up a ton of space and are extraordinary for present day, moderate bathrooms. They additionally are accessible in a wide range of styles:  modern and traditional, mixers and bath shower mixers, pairs so you can locate the ideal design to fit your bathroom.

So these are some of the best taps which are now being used in bathrooms and are design as per current demand of people. So choose among them, install it in your bathroom and observe how beautiful your bathroom looks.

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