Best 5 Reasons to Have Handheld Shower Head in Your Bathroom

If you are thinking about adding some accessories in your bathroom to give it a modern touch, then look for ideal Shower Head in Singapore that surpasses your expectations. But while purchasing it don’t get settle on one type of shower as you may get many options available in the market. But still if you ask for perfect one, handheld shower head would get the highest votes to provide you the most from your showering experience.

If you have observed, these handheld units are fix to your shower wall with the help of a long rubber hose, and can be effortlessly removed to direct the spray of water right where you want it to go. These showerheads provide an easy way to save both water and the energy and you don’t have to sacrifice the water pressure that is requires keeping you clean and comfortable.

This is not so difficult to get installed and can be fixed without any need of demo or refinishing. If you are still in doubt, that how a handheld showerhead is the best to consider, here are top 5 reasons to prove you this is the ideal option to upgrade the look for your bathroom.

  1. Ideal Shower Head for the Elderly & Disabled

Handheld shower head is advantageous for people of all ages, particularly for those with partial mobility. The long hose used on these showerheads is good for the individuals who make use of shower seat to deal with with arthritis, injury or other physical limitations. Families with aging or disabled relatives should consider adding these handheld units to offer a protected, easy to get to bathing experience for every member of the family.

  1. Best for Water Conservation

Handheld shower heads are ideal for conserving large quantities of water down the drain as you shower. It also reduces the cost of power required to heat the water. The use of such shower heads lower down the water consumption even after by using a shut-off switches right on the handle.

  1. Easy to clean kids and pets

These handheld showerheads also give the suitable option for kids, who frequently experience affected by the sound and intense spray in a standard shower. A handheld showerhead sets the control in their hands and can assist them get habitual with showering on their own.

  1. Make a Spa-like Experience at Home

The fundamental handheld showerhead provides enhanced soothe and elasticity over customary fixed models. Handheld plays a good role as massagers and many add several settings so you can make a spa-like experience customized as per your requirements. Following a great workout, you can even utilize a handheld showerhead to relieve aching muscles along with the at-home massage therapy sitting, in your personal bathroom.


  1. Keep Your Shower Sparkling

A handheld shower act as a perfect tool that enables you to rinse your shower and because it is right within reach, you are more likely to provide your shower a rapid cleaning before you towel off.

If you are unable to rinse shower daily, this showerhead can make it simpler to wash and rinse away soap scum while you take out the time to clean.


The handheld shower head holds several benefits that are listed above and thus makes itself the most useful one for bathing. There are many showrooms where you will find this Shower Head in Singapore at affordable prices with installation service.

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