Ceiling Fan-An Amazing Addition to Your Home

Are you planning to enhance and modernize the look of your home without spending a lot of money and time? Ceiling Fan in Singapore is the best solution to add the best touch to house. These fans help to keep place cooler in summer and warmer in winter, circulating air throughout the room. It gives the room an elegant appeal as well as you easily manage room temperature with this newly electrical appliance.

There is abundance of options available in the market so, you need to select the best ceiling fan based on price, size and theme. These fans give mesmerizing look to home. It doesn’t actually cool a room, but it does make you feel cooler.

Advantages of ceiling fan

There are several advantages for installing ceiling fans in your home. It helps to reduce the energy cost as well as also providing highly comfort, style and beautiful lighting.

  1. Cost saving

They can complement air-conditioners and help them run more effectively. It is best for the environment and significantly helps to reduce electricity bill.

  1. Environmental Friendly

Ceiling fans are definitely environmental friendly. They help to reduce electricity cost thus reducing carbon footprint as compared to air-conditioners.

  1. Easy installation and maintenance

These fans require very little maintenance and easily installed as compared to AC. They easily clean and don’t need any type of service.

  1. Used for dual purpose (Fan with light)

Most ceiling fans these days come with attractive lighting. They add the unique touch as well as give eye catchy look to your house. The high-quality product serves as a 2 in 1 function by the combination of ceiling light and a fan.

  1. Give alluring look to home

These fans come in various designs, colors and styles. It used to serve dual purpose, as a functional fan and as a pleasing eye catching decorative item.

How to choose best ceiling fan

If you want to purchase ceiling fans to decorate your interior, these things help you to choose best one among various fans.

  1. Blade pitch

Blade pitch is angle of the blades as they move through air.  The wider blade helps in maximum cooling.

  1. Blade finish

Blades cannot be too long and too wide. Larger blade is not able to move as much air. So, check properly that motor and blades of the fans do work together in an efficient manner.

  1. Motor quality

Motor is most essential part of fan. Better fans come with motor that have sealed and lubricated ball bearings, which require less maintenance.

  1. Height from ceiling

Ceiling fan blades need to be at about 8 to 10 inch from the ceiling to produce better airflow.

When all of these factors work together as one you can be sure to achieve the better functionality, efficiency and airflow.

If you are interesting in updating your interior then purchasing best quality Ceiling Fans with Light in Singapore at cheapest price and give your home an appealing look.

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