Lips are the most essential feature of the face because they give the face better frame and shape. The facial parts of eyes, nose, lips all are depend on each other. With other parts of face, lips are also enhanced beauty of your face. These days’ women who are worried to skip the hefty task of continually applying makeup are feeling relief in the process of Lip Embroidery in Singapore.

Lip embroidery helps to makes a more youthful form and does not hold the risks that are with permanent makeup. Not everyone is born with perfect and luscious lips. Nowadays semi permanent makeup helps you to give attractive look like a natural beauty without having to put on any real makeup.

What is Lip Embroidery?

Lip embroidery is like eyebrow embroidery. It is a popular technique which is used to give perfect and desired shape to lips. It is a form of semi permanent makeup that is used to repair the lips of persons who have suffered extreme pigmentation.  It helps to improve the natural color of the glossy lips. This type of embroidery can eliminates the use of lip liner pencils to outline, fill-in and reshape lip borders.

This embroidery is an interesting procedure, because with the help of this technique you give the desired color and shape to lips. If your lip is dark then give light pink color.

Important steps in lip embroidery procedure

There are several important steps to be taken by technicians at the time of lip embroidery procedure are:

  1. Sanitizing and cleaning lips to remove dead skin
  2. Putting cotton pad into mouth to prevent any color pigment to get inside your mouth. Throughout the process, the cotton pad regularly changed to new ones for safety purpose.
  3. Numbing Steps frequent for around 5-6 times for total numbness in 20-30 minutes waiting time.
  4. Color correction steps are done to remove dark colored areas.
  5. This step is called chromatics and it is one of the crucial parts of this procedure in which color pigments are mixed according to your lip to tailor the best outcome based on individual lip condition.
  6. It is the last step in process in which technician apply Anti-swelling cream on lips.

Essential things for lip embroidery procedure

  • Well-trained and experienced technicians
  • Products- Plants pigment, local anesthetics and numbing cream

Benefits of lip embroidery

Lip embroidery is nowadays becoming a fashion trend. Benefits of this procedure are included:

  1. Lip embroidery is a great way to enhance and beautify your lips.
  2. It eliminates the need to outline lip border with pencils and improves the appearance of face.
  3. No need to use real makeup.
  4. Help to give natural look to lips.
  5. Help to improve overall personality

If you want to get attractive look and glossy lips then Lip Embroidery in Singapore is the perfect solution for you.

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