Gas Phase Filters- Ideal System for Air Borne Contamination

With the establishment of numbers of industries, the level of air pollution is increasing at a faster pace. It is important to keep the atmospheric air we breathe fresh, clean, and unpolluted free from all contaminants. Breathing the pure air reward a person for many years by providing the good respiratory system and a healthy life. So many air borne contaminants that are breathed by humans everywhere is leading to the need of having the efficient Gas-Phase Filters. It is the ideal way to remove the deadly and other harmful pollutants from air and make it clean and healthy to breathe.

The advanced, reliable, and durable gas phase filters are made up of effective, economical, and long-lasting filters that make it highly useful for numerous applications. Gaseous chemicals present in the environmental air such as that of sulphur dioxide, ammonia, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and chlorine. Not only the outside but air inside the commercial establishment is also getting polluted in some areas such as formaldehyde, tobacco smoke, and many more organic compounds from smell of food, furnishing, and others.

Considering the great rise in the demand of quality filtration system, numbers of leading companies are manufacturing and designing various kinds of Gas Phase Filtration System in India. There are numerous types of systems in the market designed using the quality materials to provide the unique ability to remove the harmful gases and unpleasant odor from the polluted air. The filtration systems are designed considering the airflow requirement, gas challenge level, and specific contaminant gases present in the air. All the gases pollutants, particulates, and odor are removed using this proven technology highly recommended to ensure safe atmosphere.

Applications of gas phase filtration system

This innovative system not only cleans the contaminated air but also useful for odor removal. Today, it has been used for numerous applications in order to make the environment healthy. It is used for industries:

  • Paper and pulp processing
  • Data centers
  • Food processing plant
  • IT/server rooms
  • Commercial buildings
  • Healthcare and hospitality
  • Microelectronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Iron and steel
  • Schools and universities
  • Waste water and sewage treatment facilities
  • Petroleum and oil refineries
  • Museums and libraries
  • Post harvest storage facilities

Working of gas phase filters

Gas phase filtration system works easily. It has a simpler working process. The contaminated air first goes through pre-filters which are used to trap the suspended particles. After that, it passes through the needed chemical media beds which chemically retains or destroys the remaining gaseous impurities if have any. The chemical media can be activated alumina or activated carbon saturated with proprietary chemicals used in combination or alone based on which impurity or what concentration of the impurities is present in the air stream.

Which gas phase filters you must choose?

A performance of systems depends on which variety you are selecting. The prominent companies are offering various types of products. To ensure the best use, you must first determine the purification method and parameters related to airflow, kinds and amount of contaminants present in the air, availability of space and required media life.

Choose the company where experts help you in selecting the right gas phase filtration system according to your requirements.

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