Get Back Your Impressive Smile with Dental Crowns and Bridges

Cosmetic dentistry is all about treating dental problems and providing the lovely improved smile. Various problems can be avoided by taking the right procedure that improves overall dental health.

In case of damaged, decayed or missing teeth, Crowns & Bridges in Philadelphia is the best treatment to opt and get an impressive smile.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown used to restore a discolored, broken, crooked, and the decayed tooth is a tooth-shaped cap. The cap is placed over the damaged tooth to cover it and replace the shape, size, and strength. It improves the appearance and maintains the functionality of misaligned tooth.

Importance of dental crown

  1. Protect decayed and weak tooth from damaging or hold the parts of broken tooth together
  2. Clasp dental bridge in right place
  3. Replace the broken tooth
  4. Perform the appealing cosmetic alteration
  5. Cover discolored tooth

What is a porcelain dental crown?

Crowns can be made from various kinds of materials such as all metal including gold or another alloy, all ceramic, stainless steel, porcelain-fused-to-metal or all resin. Porcelain crowns are the cosmetically attractive substance because they have realistic look and not lie on the surface. The colors and translucency of a material is truly quite fascinating.

Process of dental crown

  1. Dentist examines the tooth, surrounding gums, and nearby bone, examining the roots and taking x-rays of the unnatural part. It helps in identifying whether a patient has any allergy or infection.
  2. Now, dentist anesthetizes the patient’s tooth and the gum tissue.
  3. The tooth providing the treatment and others on either face of it is made by creating or filing down the tooth.
  4. Putty is cemented on the part to get a thought of the tooth and region that requires a new crown. This idea is used to create the last dental crown. While the metal or porcelain crown is made, a temporary crown can be used to keep the part.
  5. Next, a patient receives a permanent dental crown.
  6. At last, a local anesthetic is given and attaches the crown in correct place.

What is the dental bridge?

Dental bridges are literally used by dentists to bridge the gaps formed by 1 or more teeth. It is the time-tested, affordable, and low-risk cosmetic procedure for missing teeth. As, it bridges the gap between the teeth hence, known as dental bridges.

The usual bridge includes one or more false teeth in between, called as pontics, held in position by two dental crowns. The artificial tooth used for replacement can be made from a variety of materials such as porcelain, gold, silver amalgam, alloys or combination of these materials.

Importance of dental bridge

  • Restore smile and preserve the face shape
  • Protect left teeth from moving out of the exact position
  • Regain the ability of good chewing and speaking
  • Replace the missing teeth and allocate the force in bite accurately

Procedure of dental bridge

  1. Prepare teeth supporting new bridge by shaping it to hold the bridge and the crowns to finally fit in shape properly.
  2. Crowns affix to the supporting teeth. A shape is taken for the new bridge.
  3. Attach new dental bridge to the supporting crowns and provides the new attractive smile

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