Get pleasure from the luxury Indian Hospitality at a Homestay

In India, everyone must have heard the old saying “Athithi Devo Bhava” which implies “the visitor is God”.  Indians simply think it as a great tribute to have guests in their place and go out of their way to satisfy them. There’s in no way like Indian hospitality. Unfortunately, most guests who come to India and stays in never enjoy the real Indian hospitality. The best part is that this is changing due the increase in popularity of Luxury Homestay in Sakleshpur.

There is no difference between hotel and homestay in the concept of providing a bed as well as breakfast. Guests are accommodated in the separate quarters nearby. Presently, a large number of homestays give their guests better comforts same or more than the reputed hotels.

Benefits of Staying in Homestays

There are several reasons that why staying at a homestay is best than staying in the hotel. The benefits include-

  • Unique And Exciting Accommodations – Exhausted from sterilized hotels? There is nothing more exciting to feel the beautiful diversity and attraction of Sakleshpur than at a homestay. The alternatives are nearly never-ending and consist of forts, treks, and waterfall.


  • Custom-Made Service –In comparison to the hotel, a homestay typically merely has a small number of rooms. This means that the staff at homestay will give proper individual attention to their guests. In spite of, staying at a homestay is the simplest method of discovering about the culture and lifestyle of the people living in Sakleshpur. Numerous guests come across that they connect with each other quite well, that they remain in touch for a long time after vacation is over.


  • Local Knowledge – The abundance of knowledge that the homestay staff has about their local area makes choosing what to see and do a breeze. The information about the local is highly beneficial in obtaining the most from your travelling. Numerous hosts feel enjoyable to show their guest around their local area, giving them worthy information that easily is not available from a guide book.


  • Home Cooked Food – There is a great distinction among the food that is served in the hotels and the food that is cooked in the homestay. By staying at a homestay, you will become capable to taste the genuine Indian home cooked food, made to order. It is quite lighter as well as has a variation in the flavor over the restaurant food.


  • Unique Activities – Being a guest at a homestay, everything will be according to you. The staff is basically quite accommodating and will do a lot of efforts in arranging outdoor as well as indoor activities that are interesting to you. The activities are such as plantation walk, trekking, badminton, carom, bird-watching, rope walk, bonfire, water games and lots more.

Therefore at the Homestay in Sakleshpur is all about plunging yourself completely in its beauty, somewhat skimming over it on the tourist track.

Choosing Your Homestay in India

Whilst the thought of a homestay might echo charming and fascinating, it’s significant to select your homestay cleverly.

As with good number accommodations in Sakleshpur, the superiority is quite uneven. Those who like better their privacy may experience more tranquil at a homestay that has different rooms for guests. In addition, recognize the kind of food that is served and check the other facilities the particular homestay is providing you at their end.

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