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Logo Designer

A logo designer designs the branding that is used to symbolize a particular brand and product. Logo is designed usually through identifiable graphics and typography.  These designers create distinctive branding that basically represents companies or products. He creates graphical and typographical symbols that are basically used to represent a company or product in presentations. Freelance Logo Designer in India creates logo on websites and packaging. He utilizes both art as well as technology in order to communicate ideas using images and the layout of websites. He works on a variety of products and activities like websites, books, magazines, posters, exhibitions and displays, games, etc.

What is a logo?

A Logo is a design that symbolizes ones organization. It is a design that is used by an enterprise for its letterhead and website. It is a symbol of a company name and trademark often uniquely designed for ready recognition. It identifies a business in its simplest form by making use of a mark or icon.

Roles of Logo designer

  • Designs thousands of logo templates to choose from
  • Customize all you want with fonts, colors, symbols and more
  • Neatly categorized designs according to industry and alphabets
  • Gives organization a visual brand


What is Motion Graphic Designer?

Motion Graphic Designer is a person, who learned to add additional elements into their existing skill set of design knowledge. A highly skilled Freelance Motion Graphic Designer In India creates new ideas for moving graphics as well as executes those ideas in inventive ways by combining diverse audio, video, photography and animation. He must have the ability to how to use visual effects, videos, animation as well as cinematic techniques in order to bring designs to life. Motion graphic design is a subset of graphic design in which designer utilizes graphic design principles. It is used in a filmmaking or video production context through the use of animation or filmic techniques.

Skills of Motion Graphic Designer

  • An Understanding of Animation: Animation is the process of making the illusion of motion as well as the illusion of change by rapid progression of chronological images that are less differs from each other.

·         3D Design Skills: 3D elements are highly beneficial in motion design, and they are being used more and more.

·         Knowledge of Typography: Typography is widely used in motion design and it is the art and technique to make written language readable, and appealing when displayed.

  • Traditional Art Skills: Having knowledge of traditional art is highly beneficial during designing process. It facilitates you the finest way to communicate the motion design to the audience.

·         Creative Thinking: A motion designer must have the ability to bring a graphic element to life.

Why Are Logos Important For Advertising?

When advertising a business, numerous types of methods are used to ensure a brand is exposed to its highest potential. Logo is one type of advertising method and helpful in bringing great result time to time. Organizations utilize logo design to promote the product and bring it into public recognition. Throughout the many years, logos have been an very important part of brand marketing as well as brand identity.

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