How to Use Transactional Analysis to Improve Communication?

A single word of the mouth holds the great power. It can either make the reputation or break the relationship. Even it is believed when you said some words it cannot be taken back. So it is necessary to think a lot considering the feelings of a listener before saying anything. Further it is also needed to adopt the approach or a language that another person is able to understand easily without any misunderstanding. Transactional Analysis  is what provides a great assistance to a person in making the necessary improvements in their communicational patterns and comes out as the effective communicator.

TA or transactional analysis is the best theory of communication created by Dr. Eric Berne in the 1950s. It is based on the concept that a human being has three ego states or parts of their personality including the Parent, the Adult, and the Child. All these three states exist in every person regardless of their age.

Ego states of TA

  1. The Parent

This is the learning part of a life that is created by the values and beliefs imposed on an individual before they develop an ability to ask question from their life. Gestures, angry, and finger pointing are some of the body languages a person used to adopt.

  1. The Adult

This is a thought concept of a life in which an individual is able to take their own decisions based on the experience they gain from the life. During this stage, a person begins to question their life such as how, why, when, what, where, etc. This state usually emerges during the starting 6 months in a child and primarily related with reasoning, appraising facts, understanding, and giving response to the available data.

  1. The Child

This is a felt ego state that is primarily concerned with emotions and feelings associated with the external events that generally imposed on an individual in the starting 5 years of a life. These emotions regenerated in human mind when the corresponding external events are reminded. It involves internal reaction and feelings to the external events. This state includes the recordings of childhood experiences and memories.

Whenever a person interacts with another person, transactions that may be crossed or complementary takes place between these three different ego states.

Crossed transactions

It can taken place between the employees themselves or between the supervisor and the employee. During this transaction, a communication break results when one person turns their response to complementary part of personality. It generally occurs when a listener understands the speaker’s talk in wrong way or give response in completely different way.

Complementary transactions

These transactions generally results in successful communication. When one person starts the interaction in any of the three ego state, the receiver responds back to the sending ego state.

How to improve communication?

Good communication means a speaker is able to make the listener understand exactly what they are trying to say. For the better and effective communication, try to keep the transactions complementary. Secondly, express the feelings or views from the ego state, other person wants to hear from you.

If you want to understand the ego states in deep, it’s a good idea to take the  Transactional Analysis Training  from the experienced trainer.

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