Let Hot Stones Improve Your Health During Relaxing Massage

Massage is the oldest treatment to get the hands-on-healing and relaxation. For many centuries or you can say from the time of king ruling, people have been using a combination of touch in the form of various thermotherapy and massage treatments to reduce the stress and enjoy the complete comfort.

Most therapists have agreed that hot stone massage in Houston have played a major role in providing the extreme comfort, relaxation, and relieve to various health problems. The majority of the people today have this massage experience for enhanced level of rest, pain relief, and a wonderful healing experience.

Uses of heated stones in earlier life

In the ancient times, heated stones were possibly and frequently used in customary Hawaiian healing practices. It includes the use of covering heated stones in ti-leaves
(a special type of leaf having the unique healing characteristics). Wrapped stones were placed on the aching body organs to reduce pain. They were also placed in shallow pits and wrapped with ti-leaves that infuse its therapeutic properties into the specific part of the body.

According to the stories of old-age people, different types of heated stones were used such as volcanic stones that were massaged over the body after a traditional Hawaiian Kahuna or Lomi-Lomi massage. Like this, there are many massage therapies that were done using heated stones.

Modern-day Hot Stone Massage

The contemporary hot stone massage was originally developed in the US in 1993. Today, this therapy has gained the tremendous popularity as Best massage in Houston that not only relieves the pain and provide relaxation but benefits a person in many ways. This may be just the right option for those looking for a massage session to warm their bones and during the winter months.   

What would happen during a Hot Stone Massage?

During a modern-day hot stone massage, smooth heated stones of different shapes and sizes are placed onto the customer’s body parts such as abdomen, hands, legs or back. Therapist immerses the stones in water and heats them in an electric pan. The heated stones are then put onto various points such as energy points, chakras, and others according to their treatment procedure. Stones release their heat deep into the muscles, significantly improving the massage experience.

The stones used are either river rocks or basalt rocks which have smooth texture and have an excellent property to keep the heat. The weight and heat of stones relax tense muscles. This therapy is generally of 90 minutes.

Benefits of hot stone massage

This therapy can be a beneficial in numbers of ways. It relaxes the tense muscles and deep soft tissue. The numerous emotional and physical benefits of this therapy as explained by clients enjoying it includes:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Deep tissue and muscle relaxation
  3. Waste removal from the body
  4. Improvement in circulation
  5. Release of toxins
  6. Provides peace of mind
  7. Boost up energy levels
  8. Enhanced flexibility
  9. Reduce stress
  10. Speed up the healing process

While undertaking this massage treatment, it is important to check with the salon or therapist before therapy to have the soothing massage from qualified therapist. Well-trained expert check stone temperature on the skin before using it.

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