NVIS Displays for Military Applications with Improved Functionality

The traditional LCD displays for military applications are no longer proving effective. These need to have much more improved functionality and potential beyond what the common display can provide. To use perfectly for military applications, the LCD displays and monitors have to be more useful in the night situations with extreme discretion.

The advanced technology of nvis displays is finding the most common use for the military applications and holds the higher significance to perform efficiently and effectively. NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) is used perfectly for a variety of military applications where lives can be on the line. These systems for military applications are becoming the basic necessity.

Purchasing the night vision imaging system is no more a challenging job these days because there are so many companies that are providing the range of NVIS systems to work effectively in the harsh challenging environment. These are stable at an extreme temperature range and humidity level. The leading companies are offering it with the highly effective combination of absorbing glass and optical fiber coating for NVIS compatibility of flat panel displays.

Backlight and sidelight compatibility, options for EL and LED illumination, wide angle performance, conventional and LED compatible designs, COTS units’ insertion, and flexible format for latest and emerging display structures make the Night Vision Imaging System highly demanding. Night Vision Displays used for military applications are tested rigorously and meet the military standards and requirements.

The superior night vision displays have been designed with the enhanced functionality and key features that military display requires such as:

NVIS compatibility

The innovative night vision displays are designed with NVIS mode, enabling the display to be used to the extreme darkness. These displays can be used effectively in the night-time conditions also with sharp clear picture quality.

Daylight readability

Displays for military applications are not only limited to night-conditions but they also require the good daylight readability. One can use it in various lighting conditions like ambient lighting, daylight, and poorly lit environments as well.

The NVIS series has brilliant sunlight readability. These displays keep the better-quality in all types of lighting situations. A user can experience the extreme precision doesn’t matter what the lighting environment is.

Improved designs

In the previous days, the design is considered to be an important factor only for the commercial-grade displays. But today, the military-grade displays are also considering it. Now, one can easily find the efficient design of the display with the largest screen in the smallest possible casing. Better design allows maximum versatility and most suitable display size to be used.

Waterproofing and temperature resistance

Military LCD displays are rugged and used successfully in a range of harsh environmental conditions. These displays feature resistance to dirt, dust, water, and temperature ensuring good functionality through temperature extremes.

The leading suppliers of displays are installing the night vision filters and other advanced systems to make the NVIS displays highly compatible. Other than military applications, the night vision displays are being used in various applications and sensing systems on the air, land, and space.

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