Rise Up the Adventure in Your Life with Everest Base Camp

The globally known Mount Everest is a peak of the whole world. It is considered as the tallest mountain on the Earth standing as the largest view of strength, firmness, and continual survival. Climbing this beautiful and colossal mountain is the dream of many people because it is the challenge that is not possible to win by every person.

If you also have the wish to touch this peak, reaching Everest Base Camp which is around 17,591 feet in the charismatic sky is the recommended option for you. The trekking over this camp is a standout amongst the other widely popular trekking spots on the earth. Every person who wish to accept the new challenges or are interested in climbing and trekking can try base camp trek.

Everest Base Camp trek is the popular Himalayan experiences for adventure seekers across the world. During the trekking, an adventurer enjoys the marvelous view of the scenic environment and rewards themselves with insight into the culture of enclosed area. The thrill-seeking travelers experience the excitement and thrill of a lifetime with an ultimate Everest Base Camp trek.

The trek which is the tremendous and memorable experience of a lifetime can take the travelers to the center of Khumbu region of the Himalayas where they discover the picturesque sights of several enticing mountains. The travelers who are coming to Nepal and are enthusiastic about trekking must not miss the opportunity to take pleasure from Everest Base Camp which is ranked as the topmost adventurous spot in the Himalayas. In the year 2012, around 37,000 people have trekked in the Everest area.

What Everest Base Camp Trekking is all about?

Travelers can explore the new Sherpa culture by visiting museums and monasteries across the journey. They will walk for the extreme delight, earlier colorful prayer wheels and across swing bridges directly of an Indian Jones film. In the evening, they pamper their taste bud with delicious food and enjoyment around the dining-room fire. The interesting culture, splendor of natural beauty, and Nepalese hospitality offers the impressive experience.

What is the perfect time for trekking?

September-December and March-May is the time for trekking. The temperature can be hot in the May before the monsoon. There is a possibility for rain also. The temperature level reaches below zero in December.

What do I need during trekking for best experience?

The things required depend on in which season you are going to trek and for how much duration. You must prepare yourself for the larger hills and heights. You may require down jackets, fleece jackets and many more clothing and equipments to remain relaxed and enjoy safe trekking.

Booking the Nepal Luxury Tour from reputed tour operator helps to remain healthy and safe on the trek. The experienced and knowledgeable guides provide the relevant information such as what things to do and what to avoid. They are also equipped with the essential safety instruments that help to trek safely.

The tour companies also offer numerous advantages of having everything well-arranged such as accommodation, safety equipments, local guide, and more for memorable and one-of-a-kind tourism experience.

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