Select the Appropriate Toilet Bowl for Your Bathroom

Like any other place in the house, bathroom has its own significance. You will always do add-on in your bathroom like installing a bathtub or a basin and so more. But toilet is the one that once you fixed it, you will have to pay much on its renovation.

You have always seen basic toilet seats, white in color but what you don’t know is that the Toilet Bowl in Singapore are available in different shape and sizes. And no doubt, before buying it you may not consider come things that can save your expense over replacing it according to your needs.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

  1. Is your toilet is for kids, master or guest bathroom?
  2. Are you redesigning your bathroom, replacing the toilet bowl or building a new home?
  3. Who will use the toilet bowl? Anyone who has difficulty sitting and standing?
  4. Have you think of the toilet along with bidet functionality?
  5. How would you define the style of your bathroom?

Knowing the answer of these questions may help you a lot in choosing the appropriate toilet bowl. Your answer may show its impact on the feature you choose from cleansing or bidet functionality to an easy-to-clean design. With numerous toilet styles available, you can match the design detail as well as the shade of your toilet to the complete bathroom.

Toilet Types

Toilet type can be differentiated based on how many pieces make up the toilet i.e. one or two and how the toilet is fixed on the floor or on the wall. Remember, if you are looking for advanced features such as personalized cleansing or bidet functionality, then you will require to have an electrical outlet installed close to the toilet. The types of toilets are –

One-Piece Toilets

A one-piece toilet is made from one single piece of ceramic, so the bowl and tank are undivided. This removes the seam between the bowl and tank, making it simpler to maintain cleaning.

Two-Piece Toilets

This is the most usual type of toilet fixed in residential settings, and it provides extreme worth. A separate tank and bowl are combined together to make the complete toilet.

Wall Hung Toilets

The wall-hung toilet appears as a sleek, easy-to-clean design. With a hidden in-wall tank, just the bowl and flush plate are mounted to the wall.

Toilet Designs

Once you select the appropriate toilet bowl based on the features you are looking for, you will have to consider some more things that will put an impact on the overall space as well as ease of using and cleaning it. The things that matters are –

Bowl Shapes

The bowl shapes are different in length. Choosing the toilet bowl of ideal shape such as round, elongated or compact elongated will be crucial when you select a coordinating seat.

Seat heights

Toilet height is evaluated from the floor to the top of the seat. Most frequently, they fall somewhere between 15” and 19”, with standard toilets coming in under 17”.


When you purchase anything based on your needs and keeping in mind your bathroom looks and space, there comes the best decision that you will take without any more confusion. So, it is ideal for you to choose the best based on the color, design and type so that it will worth for your money and time you spent in searching.

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