Six Levels of Arabic Language in India

Arabic language is one of the greatest languages that has its seeds been sowed even before the sixth century. It has a very prosperous history and it is very complicated languages you will come across. This language helps you with your academics if you want to study the history and culture of ancient Middle Eastern countries. It is an official tongue in several countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, etc.

Today, it is important to note that Arabic speakers are in greater demand than ever before. In order to understand about new culture and society, it is important to take knowledge about other language. If you really want to become bilingual and don’t have time to take classes in institute then Learn Arabic Online at affordable price.

Levels of Arabic Language

Arabic language course divided into six different levels that help to identify the ability of the learner. The training start from basic level (A1 & A2) and ends on proficient level (C1 & C2). After completion of these stages, students can easily communicate with native Arabic speaker.

A1 {Beginner Level}

A1 level is the first level of Arabic language course and at this level, trainers gives you a well-built foundation by teaching common vocabularies like number, days, color, relations, foods, etc.

A2 {Elementary Level}

A2 level students can understand simple sentences and phrases related to personal areas like shopping, employment, family, etc. At this level, students learn fundamental of Arabic language including alphabets, shapes of letters, vowels, etc.

B1 {Intermediate Level}

This level makes students a master of basic grammar of Arabic language. In this level, students learn varieties of creative sentences, grammatical parts of numbers, verbs and doer and objective noun. They can understand the major points of clear standard language on familiar matters like work, school, etc.

B2 {Upper Intermediate Level}

This level is planned to prepare students to achieve mastery over the grammar section and portion of the language. It gives learners the lessons of particles of exception, comparative and superlative usages, exclamatory sentences, substitutions and so on. It also focuses to prepare them to read short stories, poems and songs of this rich language.

C1 {Advanced Level}

Arriving at this level beautifies your language and writing skills. It moulds the learner into a professional writer of the language. In which students easily understand the longer and complex text an express yourselves fluently in front of others.

C2 {Proficient Level}

This level makes students an advanced professional of Arabic language. They will study here how to create resumes or CVs and other documents. If they complete the session then they will study how an application form can be filled, how a data can be searched on the internet and so on. At this level, learners fluently communicate with native speaker without any hesitation.

Majority of people are interested in learning Arabic language to get wonderful opportunities in life and enhance their travel experience in other countries. If you think about to take Foreign Language Classes Online then don’t waste your precious time, because it’s a right time to do it.

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