Sun Readable LCD Panels with Great Sustainability and Reliability

With the increased outdoor LCD display applications available in the market, the sustainability and reliability of the Liquid Crystal Display panel under the direct flow of sunlight is becoming highly important these days. Sun Readable LCD Panels is the ultramodern technology that provides the effective solution to view the monitor images on a sunny and bright day. This technology consists of the most powerful backlights that increase the brightness of the monitor to a great level.

Sun readable LCD displays determine the sunlight readability in both terms-reflection and brightness. Having the enhanced sunlight readability of a display, this advanced technology targets the brightness of the display. These LCDs are designed specifically to accomplish the much higher brightness and operate in an intense ambient light condition such as in direct exposure to the sunlight.

New advanced features of Sun Readable LCD Panels

  • Improved contrast ratio
  • Amazing sunlight readability with modifying backlight (without backlight modify optional)
  • Extensive range of temperature
  • Awesome durability with perfect use and higher performance
  • No parallax
  • Enhance impact resistance
  • Allow lighter and thinner display designs
  • Prevent condensation and fogging by disallowing the moisture from entering to create fog
  • Enhanced shock resistance and reliability of the touch screen through optical bonding
  • Excellent support of cover lens
  • Reduced reflection
  • Allow over frame bezel design

Water-proofing, sustainability, readability, and overheating are some of the issues that need to be overcome in order to provide the excellent LCD display solution. And sun readable LCD panels provide the complete solution of these issues and meet the customers demand.

With the arrival of summer months that are causing the extreme hotness, many industries and companies are looking for the displays that stands effectively in bright and sunny days. The sun is the never ending source of frustration to those applications that work with the process instrumentation outdoor. The local displays become useless during summer as they are unreadable from the bright and straight sunlight. Sun readable panels is the best option left for the industries to have a clear display that can be easily seen even in the brightest direct sunlight.

Installing these LCD displays in an application used outside protects it against the sun and prevents damage from the harmful UV (Ultraviolet) rays even when exposed directly. The high quality ultraviolet protective film offers sustainability and durability of a display when used in the direct sunlight conditions. It protects the display from getting affected and retains its readability when exposed to the sunlight for a long time.

Sun readable LCD panels are not futuristic even they are realistic and makes the human life easier than ever before by enjoying the superb quality of image. Purchasing the Customized LCD Panels according to your own needs is not difficult as there are many companies that are designing and providing the displays according to specific product specifications of a client.

Hence, if you are looking for the display that stands perfectly for your outdoor applications, install the sun readable LCDs and enjoy the wonderful viewing experience.

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