Why Study MCA Course? How to pursue it?

MCA, a short form of Master of Computer Application is a post graduate IT course whose curriculum is based on the application software development in different areas. MCA Programme in Ghaziabad is designed to meet the increasingly growing demand for skilled and trained professionals in the IT or information technology sector. A student can enroll for this course just after completing their bachelor’s course. The curriculum is set considering the new requirements of the industry.

Course duration and curriculum

MCA or Master of Computer Application is a full-time professional degree course with 3 years or 6 semester duration. It includes various parts of network and database management, computational theory, algorithm design and optimization, programming languages, statistics, account, operation research, mathematics, data structure, web technology, .NET framework, visual basic, e-commerce, data mining, embedded systems, computer graphics and multimedia, web scripting and programming, ASP.NET, and more.

During the first year, a student learns to develop the skill in computers using several technologies. In the second year, they focus on developing the conceptual framework. Last two semesters includes the project work.

MCA course is the advanced version of BCA and designed with an aim to understand the fundamentals of computing and latest IT developments. Top MCA Institute in Ghaziabad imparts the detailed knowledge with equal focus on theory and practical.

Career opportunities after MCA

As MCA becomes the hottest career option in the current days, more students are interested in pursuing this course. Getting the master degree of computer application from the recognized university offers plethora of job opportunities in both private and government sector with better growing future.  MCA post graduates are recruited by numbers of nationally and internationally known companies for different high-paid profiles. They need to work in several areas of the industry that provides them with excellent career opportunities.

After successfully completing the MCA programme, a candidate can work in several specialized fields such as:

  1. Software developer
  2. Software programmer
  3. Software application architect
  4. Software engineer
  5. Software consultant
  6. System analysts
  7. Technical writer
  8. Web designer and developer
  9. Hardware engineer
  10. Start own business

How to apply for MCA course?

Before taking admission for MCA course, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by the specific university. As there are many colleges in Ghaziabad providing the full-time degree, it would be a good idea to first to do the research work. Before selecting the MCA program, you must consider the following important things such as:

  1. Reputation of the college
  2. Choose the certified course accredited by recognized university
  3. Gather the information about the college infrastructure, fee structure, qualification of faculty members, and placement.
  4. Check the previous record of college result
  5. Facilities provided

Once you select the best MCA Institute in Ghaziabad, fill the admission form after identifying the requirements of that college and clarifying all your confusions. This is the perfect job-oriented course that lands a student with brilliant job and bright career. So, check out whether admission for MCA course get starts or what will be the last date of submitting the form. You will get the entire information related to admission online.

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